5 Essential Startup Tools?



Motorola Alert

The Motorola alert from the famed house of Motorola updates about the current location of a designated Phone. This has been successfully utilized to track location of a prescribed stock across transit locations. But as it gives only periodic updates, you cannot be sure about exact location at any point of time or know if a prescribed transit vehicle deviates from a set path.

Inventory Management Platform

When it comes to managing the Inventory,Purchase,Sales Order by Billion Hands Technology gets high score. If your business involves managing high volume of inventory or stocks, this app lets you unify complete stocks and streamline them to concerned stockist. This app also lets you maintain a steady list of suppliers with ability to release orders for immediate stock replenishment. Although the rating has a certain zig-zag nature, the inbuilt tools give substantial improvements for a free app.

Adobe Creative Cloud

When you are struggling to manage multiple invoices and documents, Adobe Creative Cloud could come to rescue. As it is easy to use and have comparatively easy-interface, you can manage complete business documents at a single interface. This lets your businesses to manage complete documents to gain complete sense for every bit of data. You can share new product images and details across a selected team of members.

Google Drive

The Google drive provides most of the feature of ‘Adobe Creative Cloud’, but with the stamp of google authority. As Google comes better identified and used by your user-interface, it’s also easier to establish your team’s adaption. You can manage your team information across your user-base, selecting to share information with a concerned user-base.

hiTask – Team Task Management

hiTask lets you share and allocate tasks across your team. As it guides your business through a clear-set of instructions and protocols, you can now start communicating with advanced set of instructions. This also allows each employee to view and respond to specific tasks allocated to that specific individual. The push notification ensures that either side is knowledgeable about a new task.

Kapture CRM combines all these tools in a single platform

If you try to combine all your activities through five different platforms, it can increase your work load and put you into confusion state.

Instead of trying to manage your business through a number of resource-thirsty app, the CRM substitutes these different apps with a single platform. Kapture CRM lets you manage your different information modules, initiate information sharing and activate work collaborations between different teams.

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4 Free business tools minimizes cost at the initial stages.


Reach your customers with free email campaigns:

Mailchimp is an email service provider to create great email campaigns to communicate your customers/clients about the activities. it has flexibility to create email campaigns from various predefined templates. apparently it supports to create and manage the subscribers and the reports which can help to analyze performance of the campaigns.


You can track the results and reports with its mobile app. it has a great feature to automate campaigns to reach right set of customers. just drag and drop features to create email marketing campaigns.

email campaigns#Bitrix24

Manage the projects and employees:

Bitrix24 is a good tool with lot of nice features for free, up to 12 users and it has 5GB on-line storage. Take a look at below great features. it is a self hosted version that allows you to integrate tools such as payroll etc. easily.

bitrix24# Slideshare:

Share your presentation to the word:

Slideshare is a tool which can be used for a bigger reach where you can reach much beyond your connections. more than 70% of the viewers search the topic and visit. What to upload? see below





Prepare a crisp and cute presentation which describes about the business and services you offer, location, website address and how to reach. route it in a right way to reach the set of target customer so it can go viral.


Write a business plan:

You want you write a business plan for your startup? I know how hard it is Enloop helps to create a professional business plan quickly with below 10 features. It is free forever with lot of features. take a look an enjoy

business planEasy, Painless, Complete

AutoWriteTM your plan
Automated Financial Forecasts
Invite colleagues to view or edit your plan
Beautiful Charts
Understand your odds of success, at a glance
Industry comparison of your company’s potential
Multi-Currency Support
Interactive PDF Document Creation
Ratio Analysis

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