8 Business Tips for Building a Successful Business


Hi, There might be many tips which might have give by someone but how many we really implement in real life scenario ? So try it the tips which I’m listing and let me know if you can add something -

  1. Focus - Pick the one that you’re the most passionate about and pick the one that you have the most knowledge about.

  2. Do what you know best - Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book that breaks down what makes experts and he talked about the ten thousand hour rule. People who spend ten thousand hours on one thing tend to be good at that. So try to focus on single thing and keep doing it

  3. Increase your prices - Go for bigger ticket items than smaller ticket items

  4. Time is money, move fast - Look at what you’re doing and try to figure out how to even move faster.

  5. Network - You need connections; you need other people who can buy and sell your product.

  6. Make sure you look for people to hire within your company - It takes a team to create a big company.

  7. Focus on every single rupee that you are spending

  8. Always add “up sales” and down sales