A Leading Parenting Website in India is looking for funding




This is Mitali here and I am the founder of one of the leading parenting website in India.

http://www.supermommitali.com is a parenting website with an active social media presence, looking at creating a whole new experience in the field of parenting by enriching and entertaining every mother/father who is looking at being more of a REAL parent than a PERFECT one. Also, we go beyond pregnancy and parenting creating a genuine experience for the parent even as an individual.

Key Features

  1. First-hand experiences as a parent helping people to connect easily and consume information.

  2. Community outreach which provides as a global information sharing platform for parents and an opportunity for brands.

  3. Video-based solutions and HD LIVE formats which can be a positive addition in the parenting field.

  4. Intellectual Properties which can scale up as a brand proposition and much more.

You can reach me at mailâ– supermommitali.com