A new startup idea on marketing and technology



Hi Guys,
I have got a great startup idea on marketing, more specifically local marketing. I did some R&D on this and found that it is not implemented yet by anyone. I would like to discuss this with someone with great marketing knowledge (more preferably from Indore, MP).

I myself a technical person and have extensive knowledge of technologies and implementation, so I need someone from the management field (marketing).

Message me if anyone is interested in it, you can also mail me at “i n d i a @ g m a i l . c o m” or at my number “+9 1 9 9 9 3 1 4 2 3 0 1”


Please share your idea.


Can’t share on a public platform, and you know the reason, other thing is as you are from Mohali and I’m looking a person more preferably from Indore, so will share based on priority.


Hello, I have ideas about technologies in IT. For any busines to go with best development company is a very good start up to make your brand public by representing it online through website and mobile app. I sugest PHP language in IT technologies to build online presence.


Hello @india.yogi glad to hear that you are dedicatedly working towards your startup. But marketing is very big domain so be specific. You don’t need to express you entire plan. But just share a single line sentence that briefly represent your idea.

I am also from Madhya Pradesh. I’m really glad to see you here.
Best wishes for your Startup.
Pratyush Nema - DEFENZELITE Pvt. Ltd.


Hi Pratyush,
Thanks for replying to the post, as I mentioned it will be a kind of digital platform for Local Marketing, so in a single line it will be “A digital platform for local marketing needs”.
Let me know more about your plan about for this and contact me if interested in exploring it more.



Sounds good, For better conversation I call you tomorrow evening then we will discuss in depth about our plans.