A startup to solve existing problem


As there are many start-ups which solved the existing perils as of Ola for transportation and amazon for shopping… What new could be added to the basket… What’s a another problem which is existing and has no alternative for it till date???


Every one can provide services to the customers…but there are few who take care of the after sale services to the guest…people sometime face issues and complain but no one care about…same with ola and amazon…we do face issues with them we do have customer care services but no one provide the proper solution to us…


I acknowledge the fact that customer care services are not running that efficiently as they should and as they are claimed. But I want to know about a daily life problem which people normally face and which is not sorted out yet. I want that idea on the basis of which a new conglomerate could be formed. A new beginning may change the existing deceitful trends and may lead to a better tomorrow for people. My perspective is to solve out a problem which hasn’t been solved yet.