A very strange problem with my start up proposal...need some advice



I have been working for last 3 years offline on my start up idea. It has got a specific target group audience and has high market potential in present scenario. The set up cost is coming around 20 lacs. Its a monthly subscription based educational product (having a specific target group of over 2 lac audience) . Now the problem i face is despite considering the volume of target audience as just 1 lac and a conversion ratio of mere 7% (after the marketing)the returns are coming very high (As high as 10% of returns per month). It sounds alarmingly exaggerated on papers that people with whom i share this proposal they are finding it hard to believe.How to work it out ideally on papers to make it look more realistic ?


Sometimes it happens that we don’t believe in something which we have never went through.
There are two ways you can make it possible-
->One is Just show them, why your idea has that output and make them believe, else
->Show them only what they can believe
** Best thing is go thought the whole idea from the beginning and revaluate , may be you will get another result **



Have you been able to incorporate ? That would be the first step towards legitimacy of any kind.
In case u need incorporating help DM or post on the forum!

All the best.


Incorporate the project, to attain legitimacy. keep proper account details and consolidate all transaction inward and outward through the company account, keep the statement at times of discussions, and also keep a yearly report card of the company’s working.

  1. what is the subscription amount that you will be charging.
  2. do a survey of how many people are willing to pay such amount for the services tht you will be providing.

Will be able to help you better once we discuss in detail the project that you are undertaking.
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