Address NOC for LLP


How do we get NOC and office address if we are living in an hostel where getting NOC isnt permitted?


one of the most grappling questions that entrepreneur’s face, especially when starting of on a shoestring budget.
I seriously wish NASSCOM could do something about this.
I think the best bet is to contact an incubation centre in your city , where you can discuss this problem with them.
Govt funded Startup warehouses would be in a position to give you a NOC , or at least give you advice on how to go about this.
You can also tie up with a private office space provider in your city and they can probably give you a NOC for about 10K INR, but thats usually if you take up office space with them.
Curiously which city are you wanting to startup in ?


It’s up to the owner of the property only to give you NOC. Choosing home address could have been a better idea for starting LLP.



Why don’t you opt for a virtual office space. They will provide you the office address which you can use for commercial purpose.
You can search for regus, they are good in their service.
Hope this will help.


Virtual office space providers usually charge a fee (upward of 10K) for issuing a NOC to allow you to show their premises as registered office. Its a lock-in as you then have to stay with the said office space provider as long as you are incorporated, or can afford your own space.
What happens when you can ill -afford to pay the office space rent on a monthly basis and chose to discontinue taking office space ?
Will they allow you to still maintain the registered office at their location ?