Advice needed regarding new business



Hello everyone, I am in need of help/advice related to the commencement of new business/services and seeing various experienced people here, I though it would be best if I put forth my questions here.

The nature of my services that I wish to provide are: -

  1. Software development(Programming/Coding, Development of Android Apps and Web applications)
  2. Selling of IT/Tech related hardware/software products online.

Now, I wish to form a single Parent entity under which both of these two service will reside, but both will be independent of each other.

As, I have no experience how to go about registering the business etc, I was hoping that someone here would tell me about the steps involved.

So, please tell me how to go about this.

  • Do I need to register 3 companies (1 parent and 2 child)? What is the procedure for this?
  • Which type of company should I register, as I am the only one who would be looking after everything, there is no other partner or worker involved. OPC, Pvt Ltd, Sole Proprietorship or only Service Tax registration will be enough?
    Do I even need to register or can I go on without registering?
  • Any idea of cost involved?

These are some of the confusions I need to clear. Please ask if anything more is need to be answered.

Thank you.


I can help you with your queries and help you in setting up the organisation. Pls drop a private message to me to take this forward.


Hello Rey,
I’ve gone through your queries. With over 18 Years of experience in Technology, IT and Business Consulting, your queries can be discussed and resolved in more effective way if we can possibly schedule a call and discuss it further. You can check my profile on or and connect me on Voice / Whatsapp +91-9821181341