Always find customer/client before you start designing your product or service



Most startup fails because founders/co-founders first design /develop service or product and then try to find customers. While most successful startups do vice versa.

Every business creation is expression of personal dream and vision of the business owner (entrepreneur/founder). Business owner wants to fulfill his philosophy to accomplish prosperity, publicity & purpose.

Most business idea kick start with following set of questions

  1. Whom we serve?
  2. What we serve?
  3. Why we serve?
  4. How we serve?

There are two school of thoughts when it comes to deciding what value as an entrepreneur you wish to deliver.

  1. Ask customer then design your product or services.
  2. My customer doesn’t know what they want.

Almost majority follow first school of thought. Outliers and visionary Leaders explore second school of thought e.g. Steve Jobs. Businesses with strong value focus, reasonably good demand, strong emotional customer connect, have won over their competition. India offers numerous opportunities for restless and hungry individuals to establish themselves as entrepreneur.
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