An online Payment Gateway


Hello! Everyone,

I’m Mithilesh Jindal, Founder of Salasar eCommerce Total Solutions Pvt Ltd.

We are bootstrapped Profitable Startup since last 3 years and going to launch our own Payment Gateway soon with in-house built Applications + Server Systems setup.

We also Received the PCI DSS 3.2 Certification on 8th Aug 2017.

I’m happy to be a part of Startups Forum.

Mithilesh Jindal


Hello @m3th3lesh, nice to see you and welcome to the Startups Forum. :slight_smile:

And many congratulations for your PCI certification.


Hi Sumeet,

Thanks for your Reply.

I would like to offer Our Payment gateway Services at 0% Txn charges to all the users who wish to try our Services and help us to build the scalable and reliable payment gateway.



Can i know your whatsapp contact no. I would like to try your gateway


Hi @m3th3lesh,

We are looking for a Payment Gateway Service. Why can’t we have a word regarding this.
You can reach me at 9963605756.

With Regards
Uday Kumar M



Reach me at swiftpaygateway■




Hi Mithilesh,
Congratulations on your startup and on receiving the PCI -DSS certification.
Can we do a quick call tomorrow at 11am? I am available on 9819576467.
Thank you,