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Mutual Farm is fundamental idea to link Investors, Farmers, land owners, and customers to function together to obtain from coordinated and well managed planning of utilities and resources to strive in agriculture.

We are initializing an outlook for an investor to be involved and a large scale business with minimal risk and maximum potential for benefits which is possible by direct access to the venture they are investing.

Our focus of the agriculture industry is the key pint of investment which is a significance of our project at this time of negligence to the backbone this nation.


Please contact us. Reach Ventures is SE Asian VC currently managing 100 million USD fund ‘Flight I’ scouting for potential startups in India categorized under following business domains:-

  1. Real Estate (Smart Housing and Commercial Buildings)
    • covers builders with highly worth project portfolio, smart
      building material manufacturers, smart and sustainable home
      automation etc.
  2. Food Processing - Synthetic Food manufacturers primarily
  3. Fashion - clothes, shoes, accessories etc brands valued at more than 25 crores INR
  4. Commercial Farming - urban and robotic farming primarily large scale
  5. Clean energy - automobile, water harvesting, charging stations etc.
  6. Education

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Dear Team,

We at Fruitvilla Corporation based in Pune are into trading of pomegranates after mechanized processing using latest post harvest techniques. We are looking for capital infusion for further expansion.

Nandita Dutt




ACFPCL is promoted by progressive and innovative group of Farmer Producer Companies along with
experienced professionals.The advisers to ACFPCL includes domain and field experts in various
key areas like Agriculture and allied,Agriculture Engineering,Food Processing,Agri-business,
Forestry,Horticulture,Livelihoods,Marketing,Social mobilization etc.

The company focuses on supporting small and marginal farmers in issues like technology transfer,
providing quality inputs,capacity building,marketing and developing business models for
Agri-startups or cottage industries.

The Hon. Prime Minister of India as well as the Hon. Chief Minister of M.P.has pledged to double
the income of farmers so that the youth is attracted to take up Agriculture as profession.In
this en devour,ACFPCL has initiated interventions to improve the economic conditions of farming
community.For details ,please visit our website

We understand that your organization is registered with SEBI to provide fund support to
organizations like ACFPCL who promote farmers or their associations to work more
professionally and convert them into safe food providers to the consumers,instead of
just remaining as producers of raw material.

We are looking forward for such fund support to fulfill our objectives.If possible,we would
be very happy to associate with you as per mutually agreed terms.

We would appreciate a positive response from you.Should you require personal discussions,
kindly let us know.

With best wishes
Rajiv Saxena.


M Nadhamuni
Cell No. 8309477575
mail id: muni.sanjay11■


My name is Sachin, I live in India.

I have founded Organic pesticide company on June 10th 2015.

My company Strength…
• 14 Existing organic pesticide products.(Insecticide, fungicide, plant growth regulator)
• All products are developed by me.
• Number of staff (experience of atleast 1 to 17 years) is 55 people.
• Office in Mumbai.
• Manufacturing Facility in Mumbai.
• We served 50% Maharashtra state.
• Channel partners 100+ (Distributor & Retailers)

• Started with $1000 capital of my own and borrowed some from friends.
• My first year turnover was almost $2000.
• My second year saw a bit of growth $6000, In these two years I was the only true employee (I had on and off staff) of my company in every aspect also I did this to learn in & out of this Industry.(Manufacturing, packaging, marketing, collection, Document filling, you name it.)
• But I was not going to give up finally on my third year I shifted gear, my turnover rolled up to for ongoing financial year is more than $350000 & going up.

Why I need Funding:
• Can cater big market.
• Have 50+ Product tested and ready.
• To get more raw material stack in godown.
• Hiring new staff.
• Marketing…
• Machinery.

I would love to meet with you anytime, anywhere, for 15 minutes of you are intreseted in my business and my vision.

+91 8928536755.