Any Time Photo Prints -ATPP



Any Photo Prints – It helps people to print their photos at anytime at cheap price and excellent quality.
Talking about the objectives:-
We would have a store outlet in cities that would give a 24×7 service of photo prints at very cheap price compared to the market .
Now coming to the idea –
Customers will see :-(Any TIme Photo Prints services )ATPP
1)Store has a multi-touch screen with our software installed . 2)Prints from any device i.e. wired or wireless.
3)Select photos to print.
4)Select size for the photos selected.
5)Select quality of the paper.
5)pay bill option appears and a swipe machine attached to the screen .
6)Affordable price with great quality. [In india a urgent 4×6 is printed approx- 0.62 usd. we will provide it at 0.15 approx.] Survey says trillions of photos are taken annually.They needs to preserved by printing they become more near to you and best quality prints will be given (paper and ink). Everybody would print their memories through our provided service.