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I am Asif Shahid. I am presently residing in US , from India. I am in the field of software product development ( querying engines , big data ) since last 17 years. I am working with SnappyData ( a startup funded by Pivotal, GE, Dell etc) working on a database being developed over apache spark.
Since past 8 years, as part of my personal project, I have been working on developing a day trading system ( intra day) exclusively on NSE Nifty index futures. After suffering losses over last 5 years, I am seriously convinced that I have fixed the algorithm with near 80% accuracy. The software gives buy & short sell signals & exit signals for day trading. (At present I am not able o trade as my debit cards for ICICI bank have expired & I am trying to sort it out, but I intend to resume trading soon). I am using various strategies , enhanced through observing patterns on data collected over 6 -7 years, like momentum divergences ( regular & hidden) & indicators like tick & trin.
my interest is mostly in technology, my business acumen is not sharp. what can I do with this product of mine, apart from my own trading? Any suggestions on how I can form a company around it , employing some people in india & what can be the business model around it? I can share with you some of the stats like percentage of profitable trades, net profit per day on basis of 1 nifty lot & net profit per trade per nifty lot etc.
If this is not the right place to seek advice, kindly guide me to the right place.


Try reaching out to @adg1805 , @Guru1507 or @vinod_s coz they have expertise to give you advise .
Also check out their posts.


thanks Ron. Will check out your suggestions.


@ Asif_Hussain_Shahid,

I can help you out in discovering a business model for this and beyond.

Please have a look at this slideshare which will give you some idea on how my thought process works.

Business model innovations

Ping me back if you want to talk on this.


Please note there many auto-trading software in Forex market. They are are called Expert Advisors and most of them are free. Overall the market is a zero sum game. So one software will try to do better than other software or an individual. Here large institutions have a huge advantage.


Thanks for comments .
Yes , there are many auto-trading software as you mentioned in forex market.
I think, what I have developed has couple of distinguishing elements:

  1. This is exclusively programmed for Nifty futures only . All the parameters , logic written is specific to Nifty futures.
  2. It is only suitable for day trading.
  3. Over the past 5-6 years of development, I have read / implemented various strategies & articles on day trading ( started from scratch as my knowledge was zero) . After all this, my conclusion has been , no single strategy will work ( like simple moving average cross overs will not work in range bound market etc). In fact I could not get consistent result by relying on just 2-3 indicators i.e say Bollinger Bands or Pivots or Moving Average Channel coupled with Momentum Indicators. Even MACD & other oscillators by themselves are not going to work as either they will whipsaw you in range bound condition or in case of trending market be pretty lagging , if you rely on cross overs.
  4. I use multiple strategies ( Momentum regular divergences, Hidden Divergences, Pivot points and MovingAverageChannel ) and confluence of multiple things to generate a buy or sell signal. On NYSE there are two indicators Tick & Trin. I have similarly created Tick & Trin for Nifty & trust me , they are super important for me as they help in me identifying the range bound market ( & hence not to take signals) & also sort of act as leading indicators when compared to cross over signals.
  5. Even the Candles are generated based on volume ( no exactly volume bars) which helps in avoiding whipsaw of range bound. I also rely on patterns of candles.
  6. I have data of nifty of nearly past 6 years & my simulation on back data as welll as daily signals which I get , have given me enough confidence to come to this forum.
  7. The software has no means right now to implement any user defined strategy or jazzy UI. Normally the other softwares I suppose will allow user to implement strategy , but as I said any such user defined strategy which just relies on oscillators or moving average cross overs etc. will not work. I have no such knobs in place but what I have coded will work.
    Also pls note that my software just runs on laptop , and it just follows the market . Except in case of regular divergences , it does not take contrarian call. So in effect it just piggy backs on what large institutions are doing. From an individual trading perspective, I also found that speed though is important , but still most of the time you have enough time after generation of signal to enter market ( 5 - 15 minutes). Ofcourse this discounts exceptional news situation ( like budget day or some shock news).
    I ping / collect data using polling at a frequency of 30 seconds.


Also if you are interested, I can configure your email address to push buy/sell/ cover signals on your google hangout email address for some time. This is what I have done, my software pushes signal to ur mobile & u execute trade using your trader’s application. ( Though I have code which can execute trade autmatically on icicidirect but that is not what I use now because of high brokerage charges).
let me know.


Look your algorithm might be very cool but proving that will be difficult. The best option for you is to start an investment fund using your auto-trading software.


yes. makes sense. proof of pudding is in eating it


Are you open to other software for SaaS model for us market??


Could you elaborate it ? Do you mean customizing the software for US stock exchange or are you talking about something very different product?


Could you elaborate it ? Do you mean customizing the software for US stock exchange or are you talking about something very different product?


This may be related to your software idea. Have you thought of creating an index fund and trading its component stocks automatically. What I mean is suppose you created an index fund with shares A, B and C. You buy and sell A, B and C at different days based on their performance. This way the overall value of the index fund increases gradually.

Rich people are looking for good assets to invest which can be converted to money when needed. Choose good companies as the components of the fund and use your software to manage fund’s performance.