Aquaculture startup


I need guidance and advise from experts in the business world. I am looking to start a company that deals with aquaculture. Aquaculture is a method of raising fish and other marine animals in a farm commercially for human consumption. I have researched on this topic extensively and from my understanding this is an industry waiting to explode. Humans can live without technology but not without food. I have a detailed business plan and if anyone is willing to co-operate and listen to my ideas i would be more than delighted to share them with you. I am not so well versed with the legal aspects of a company and would seek some information on that. Anyone interested in this idea can write me.


I am intrested give me a call to +917411405383


I can help you out in all legal and startup related matter. PM me details.


I would be interested to listen to your business plan Send in detail what exactly you are talking about. You can share the idea at
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Mahesh Uppal
Founder Director
Ecological Concepts Pvt. Limited