Are you looking for a co founder


are you looking for a co founder in technology start ups?. If so lets connect.


Yes… Contact me on this number, 9352952689


Yes. Looking for co-founder (Director) for my startup in Automotive Industry. Preferably he/she should be from Business Development / Service Industry / Sales / Automotive Industry / IT (Web Development and Management) /Digital and Social Media Marketing background. Who has knowledge / experience in any one of the above mentioned field / industry and interested to be a part of energetic team contact me @9619009556. Thanks, Auto of India Team.


Yes i am looking for developing a top class Aggregator for global trade , call me directly at 7408675496


This is Awadhesh from Gurgaon.
I can help with B2B sales and Digital marketing.
Could you plz share your location.


Pl call me @ 9619009556


Hi, This is Ganesh Babu (+91 98860-71076). Looking for a tech co-founder.

Already have a client using this product. Product details as follows:

CoAider is a technology platform for smart workspaces. Our software powers coworking spaces and enterprises.

Our platform improves member experience and employee engagement. It covers all from lead creation, workspace operation, billing and IT Integrations.

End-to-end solution for workspace operators - by using CoAider you can streamline your operations, deliver the best customer experience, create a sense of community among members and gain business insight to make quicker decisions .

Ganesh Babu M


Hi Ganesh
May i know what is your expectation from a co founder. is it investment of operation.
after knowing your product I am interested.


Hi Bibin, I am looking for tech co-founder (Developer) to help develop/upgrade the product and of course to share the vision, mission and equity.


Hi Ganesh,

Looks interesting, can i get more details like the company location, future plans, financial plans etc. will be interested to be part of your venture after understanding it in detail.

You can view my profile in LinkedIn.

I am founder of Advinges solution a consulting firm catering to start ups. We have have two products for start ups- MySpAut and The Starters forum. The Starters is a platform I run connecting start ups of different stages.