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Starting up your own business appears to be a crucial task altogether. But frankly that’s not the case it’s way too easy all you gotta keep in mind is this start up list and articulate and mold things exactly and accordingly.

1 Search a suitable business idea

The first and foremost step is to look for a good business idea which is often misinterpreted with the one that seeks maximum profit but that’s not the idea, instead look for the one you can’t survive without .Research and come up with an idea that caters your maximum strength and interest.

2 Analyze your idea

Once completed, getting up and jotting down your business idea.
An analytic approach is required in order to do good marketing research on the same and get to know the demand and also if the business idea is worth working on. Doing the same will help to come up with a business idea that suits you as well as your target segment

3 Funding procedure

This funding process demands a formal document of your business plan which may vary from one page (known as one-page pitch ) to 40 pages according to the requirement.

The same should include:

  1. business vision and mission
  2. executive summary
  3. products and services offered
  4. weakness and solutions
  5. competitors
  6. an appendix
  7. marketing and sales plan
  8. an elevator pitch

4 Get your brand name done

Your brand name is your key to build up customer relationship and maximize profit. Its the brand name that speaks up for your business.

Adding to that is the tagline and the brand message .

Apart from that create and customize your logo to get the feel of it and speak your heart out through the same.

5 Make it legal

Entrepreneurs ought to understand the utter responsibility of getting legal even before getting viral or one can say establishing one’ business completely and the same may include a legal structure, registration of business and domain name , obtain government permits, tax ID , power of attorney (if in case needed).

6 Get Financed

Not all startups require funding initially . Many prefer personal finance while the other may plan for loans, investor money, money from cooperative society , crowd-sourced finances, or perhaps something else.

Now pitching for money is a difficult task altogether which might require a legal document to be presented including

7 Market & Launch

It’s high time to get people crazy about your launch day . It’s the kick start to your business which will lead you to an array of opportunities and achieve what you always wanted to. For this creation and execution of a proper goal oriented marketing plan and networking is important .

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