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Ask me anything about - Startup | Startup Planning | How to startup? | Startup Execution | Business Idea Validation | etc. I am Founder & CEO of Meticulous Business Solution - A startup consulting, Business Planning and Management Company.
I am Startup Consultant. We have most logical, proved and result oriented startup incubation process. It might helpful to discuss things with expert prior starting up.

A few start-ups under the aegis of Meticulous have received funds from multiple investors. As of now, over 2.5 billion INR investment has been channelized by Meticulous.

Meticulous knows how to harness the power of start-ups and provide them with the much needed impetus to succeed, even hand-holding them through making their business goals or marketing plans.

The plans and reports from the basket of Meticulous has the potential to lead client’s businesses across industries from traditional to transformation. The start-up consulting company creates sustainable competitive advantage for its clients by enabling them to sell and procure better, leveraging its expertise in strategy making, analytics and knowledge of markets.


Whats the garuntee that our ideas discussed wont be stolen



Your question is absolutely right and we get this quite frequently.

1- We or rather ant expert/consultant/investor get 100 inquiries per week, out of that 10 are based on innovation. If we start copying business ideas, then we need to start 30 business in a months and 360 in a year and I think that is not possible.

2- If you don’t disclose ideas with any of the experts then you will not get ahead with idea, by the time some may start offering same things.

3- There are so many things you need to develop like business plan, funding, website, app, marketing material and at this point you need to disclose the idea.

4- People can copy idea but not you. You are the only person who can build it better than anybody else.

5- Find the people, make relationship and create trust and then sign NDA. This is the only way out.

You can catch me personally for more details.



Hii Nitin here I have startup company in Nagpur currently we are working on two projects but both are in under devolopment.


Hi Yogesh,
I represent JURU Yoga, we are a growing eco concious yoga brand from India making the best yoga mats for global yogis.
We are looking at entering international markets with wholesale and retail for our products.
We already have direct customers for our eshop
What are the keys points I need to watch out for when getting in to wholesale distribution partnerships legally from a Brand IP angle.



Dear Sudarshan,

Either the question is incomplete or I am unable to understand or you are confused about the things.

Setting up an international distribution channel has nothing to do with IPR of your brand.You can trademark your brand with each country, where you want to setup distribution channel.

Appointing a distribution agency is another legal task which includes some business agreements.




Exactly . I was looking for a response on trademarking and maybe if the question was understood by you with some humility you could share some more info.
But the response and your judgement on my question, halts all my efforts to ask any further.

Good luck to your consulting!

Sudarshan Borker


how can I start online business within minimum budget


affiliate business is the best option for you.


Hello, can you view my startup business plan and if it is not difficult tell how I can improve it?


Sure, Please I can help you. Check msg for my email Id


Some journalists are domain specific i.e they write or study about specific domain. We can search such journalist through business tools. PR module handles the public relation between organization’s target audience, the media, and other opinion leaders.
There is a tool to find such blogs, sites, communities and forum. Actually there are several blogs and sites that hosts domain specific releases.
The business tools can help you find domain specific journalists and PR opportunities in your business domain. Not just that, some tools are Business Search Engine that can find you clients who expresses their intention to buy on Social Media, Online marketplaces, Classifieds, etc.
To the best of my knowledge these are the tools that can be used to find the Journalists and PR Opportunities:


Hi sir,

Can you please guide or provide me a template to write a business plan. Have searched on internet for that but either they are incomplete or very confusing.
We are a health-care services startup, providing bookings appointments with doctors and medicine / tests reports delivery at your door step. We are at our idea stage and planning to launch soon.

Jai singh


Hello sir can you tell me that how to find mentors for startup


@Jai_Singh - There are many templates available online. I would suggest you to create own structure.
You can refer to this article -

Kinds Regards,
Yogesh Thite,
Startup Mentor and Consultant


Finding a mentor is like finding a spouse.
Getting a good mentor is depend on how you both build a relationship.
There are many sites where you can find mentor like LinkedIn.

Kinds Regards,
Yogesh Thite,
Startup Mentor and Consultant


Sir , I am a self taught front-end developer !! And a huge fan of EDM industry & edm music And for my 3rd year Project i am doing a music - streaming site which features Djs Bio , top hits , Watch Set from World famous Music Festival ,playlist , albums and many more to implement . almost finished also planned to implement ajax For faster Content load . Now i have about 50 dj /artist and about 300 songs . I am planning to to make it live on internet , i dont have any idea about music Copyrights . So is there any way does India Start up Will be Funding For copy-right issue For Songs / artist ??


I am planning to start kids and Mens garment factory in andhra pradesh. Please guide me with project plan.
which is best place to buy raw materials and how to find wholesale buyers for my product.

maiil : sriravikumarmcaâ–
ph : +1-309-430-4797


I am planning to start business (Pvt Ltds)



First of all I hope you have trademarked your brand by now. If not, please do it asap.
Before you get into a country check their IPR regulations and enforceability of your IP ownership claims.
Then you should have a locally-drafted agreement about your brand/trademark and how your wholesale distributors can represent juruyoga. There also need to be clauses on holding non-competing products, and not copying your products/sourcing identical products from elsewhere.