Best city for a new Startup? And how beneficial is it compared to other great cities form Europe or US?



What would be the best city to start a tech startup in? I’m interested in every kind of information/benefit, like: highly skilled people, great infrastructure, high percentage of funded startups and so on.

And how beneficial are these cities for startups compared to some great cities in Europe or the US?

I’m curious about the hard facts, but about your personal, subjective opinions as well. Right now, I’m not really close to found my own startup, but I have some projects in mind that could bring me closer to my long term goals.

Thanks for your help!


Ok, it seems that I probably wasn’t able to articulate my first post well enough, so I’ll try to add some information.

Just as I said, right now I’m not in the position to start my own startup, but I still would like to have some startup related activity. This will help me to gain the necessary knowledge, experience and self-confidence to take bigger steps as well.

How is this related to my initial question?

I’ve watched recently a lot of startup related video material, mostly on youtube, and I found that there are some vids that I would like to take as an example, and and recreate them with/for Indian startups and cities.

One example is documentary[1] about Stockholm, that produced over 10k views in these last few days, and is looking for the reasons behind the success of the startup ecosystem from Stockholm. It is not that informative, but it seems funny, and if it can work with a European city, I think that it could definitely work for our major cities as well.


If you know about other documentaries like/similar to this, could you please point me in their direction? Some more inspiration wouldn’t hurt…

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Thats a curious question you got there about which is the best startup city.
Across the world, there are many cities with a great startup vibe .
I mean you can even look at it alphabetically and you can see that each city/smaller nation has a distinct startup culture from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe, the existential basis for each being to foster their own country’s socio-economic narrative.

I think one of the key metrics that differentiate one startup city from the next, apart from the obvious ones above is the ability to network better, and a culture that encourages innovation and fresh thinking.


You can find the List of Startup ecosystem Cities in India here