Best course of action for a non functional Pvt Ltd company



I am director of a Private Limited company which was incorporated on 11/11/2011 in New Delhi. The company has not being maintained for a long time due to issues on my personal front.

There is no business for a long time and I am financially and physically incapable to run it further. Last audit of the company happened on 31/03/2014

How much would be the expense to close the company? Is it possible to sell the company as it could help in my poor financial condition.

Kindly suggest best course of action.



Since there is no business and financial transaction, it would be better to close the company.

To close the company all the necessary legal formalities needs to be completed. For e.g. financials needs to be prepared, Audit ITR filling etc.

Manish Dalmia


if nothing has done, or there is no financial transaction, then you may close the company by filing form STK-2, you have to give statement of account as on date by auditor or CA in practice, Indemnity bond and affaidavit on stamp paper and certain other documents. it will be closed by the registrar on finding everything in order


Hi would like to discuss further on this as we are looking for non functional company at the moment. Kindly contact urgently on 8132005954