Best social media free advertising space directory



I am new to startups and I am not in fact tech savvy. My new vegan pet food business has a micro advertising budget so I am looking for ways to legitimately use social network media spaces to spread the word. This website (link below) seems to be the best one-stop-shop on this topic and seems to list the biggest and the best social media free spaces. I don’t even have a Facebook account (etc) so I need to go on trust. How do people rate these sites? Is there a more authoritative one-stop-shop link or document out there? Appreciate any tips and happy to help you back where I can!


Actually it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie. Google some topics related to social media marketing.

I suggest you to stick with marketing on facebook as it is the most effective social media for marketing so far.

Rest, keep experimenting.

But even after that, if you are still facing problems managing that all, drop me a message.