Blogging Tips for Start ups and Entrepreneurs



Blogging is an art and when we use wisely it works well for Startups and Entrepreneurs. The following are the tips to write the Blogs wisely and fruitfully!

  • Choosy Title: Your Blog Title should be simple, interesting and interactive.
  • No Promotion: Blogging should not discuss about the product.
  • Don’t miss Target: It’s should feasible to reach your target audience.
  • Link Wisely: Make a proper structural Link Building to make the reader busily.

Trends in Blogging Platforms:
Social Platforms, Discussion Forums, commenting and so on we do work to engage with the public. In that line, Blogging also joins. In blogging sector, we have Blog spot, Medium, Tumblr and so on are there.
Where as we need to choose which is more relevant to our target audience.

Blog Spot:
It’s default, mechanism allows your readers to read the content according to the chronological order. But, where as, there wouldn’t be much user engagement on your blogspot, due to the less traction of users. There are only two chances to get into your blog, one is by Google Search or by User Search the default mechanism providing by the Blog Spot.

Next to Blog Spot, Medium created a great impact on the blogging sector. It’s very easy for content writers to understand and very easy to share at the famous social platform, twitter. In fact, it’s really doing good compare with the Blog Spot. But, with Medium, we are missing the chronological order which we get more familiar with Blog Spot. It’s not that much easy to target your audience and not much popular as Blog Spot.

Frankly speaking, Tumblr is not the great choice for Blogging, from that content perspective view.

BlogBeats, Geo-Time-tagged blogging platform, as the name mentions, it’s Location and Time based Blogging platform. It’s good in resulting the blogs/ articles according to chronological order and location base. It’s good to target the India and US audience. [See more: BlogBeats - GEO & TIME Tagged Blogging Platform]


Here are some blogging tips check this post