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Well, Hello awesome people out there!

It’s a pleasure to have your eyes and attention to this post. What would give me more pleasure than that? Knowing you and your start-up. Let’s catch up over a private chat in this forum and let a journey of two good friends begin.

If you ask me to sum myself up in one sentence that would be

“An entrepreneur, runs Agrichange, an agricultural tech start-up and also runs a side gig of business planning and consultancy services to help fellow entrepreneurs and to fund my research projects.”

If you want to know more about me please connect with me on linkedin and you can find me at the following link

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Welcome to the Startups Forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:


Welcome @Arvind_Narayanan,
Welcome to Startups forum , and i have a question for you related to Agri-Business.
In the dystopian future, when there will no more villages, we will all be living in gigantic apartment complexes where we will have to literally fend for ourselves building huge greenhouses and actual Terrace farming.
So , do you think urban farming is a trend that will catch on in Bangalore and other metros ?


Hi, Thank you for the warm welcome. I appreciate it.


Hi Ron, hope things are well at your end. I am glad to be asked this question.

Yes, large scale urban farms are technically possible and there are good chances we would be harvesting our fruits and vegetables just on our own apartment roofs in next few decades to come. But, it may not be the trend for the next foreseeable future for the two broad reasons.

  1. Urban centers inherently face water shortages as the population density is so high that water is lifted from the ground more than it gets in a year. Until, a concrete rain water harvesting system is planned and executed well, urban farms will be limited to small scale hobby terrace gardens.

  2. Cost of urbanizing agriculture is massive. Even today, we are not limited by technical viability, we are limited by financial feasibility. Until these technologies are made financially viable, large scale urban farms will remain a dream. That’s what our research is all about, to make some of the most effective and efficient agricultural technologies financially viable. But, it will be an evolution that will happen over a period of time and not a radical shift in the way we grow our food.

I hope that answers your question. if not, I would be more than happy to discuss on the same.


Fascinating info Arvind, i was in 2015 toying around with the idea of Farming Consulting . Leveraging the agricultural knowhow of our farmers for urban consumption requirements, using their insights and keen agri-sense to build urban farms in apartment complexes using the latest greenhouse tech. The produce can be freshly sourced to Reliance Fresh, BigBasket , Hotels and, at a scalable level, even involving digital tech to manage stock, inventory, forecasting etc.

Its a grandiose plan i just keep in mind but never acted on, but as i earlier mentioned , now for me its about preparing for a dystopian future.

I had no idea about the water problem i would face, let alone the rain water harvesting solution you are mooting (though in bangalore right now rain water harvesting has been mandatory for new constructions > 1000sqt or so since 2012.)
EDIT - Also what about drip irrigation that the Israelis pioneered ? you think that can be factored into the solution ?

I think since technical feasibility is not a problem, we can heave a sigh of relief, and i sense there’s a startupidea here somewhere, so its just about networking with other agripreneurs like yourself, but i am not a subject matter expert , just a social entrepreneur with roots in rural Kerala :smiley:
EDIT - Maybe the solution is mushrooms or some above ground edible fruits which can be sold to FMCG/retailers/vendors as part of MVP (Minimum Viable Plan / Product) , we can use that to show the market research.

We should network on this.


I am very happy to know about your idea. I started out with this dream as well and slowly understood that the ambitious dream of large scale urban farms are complex in nature and a thorough understanding of each variable is absolutely necessary. From the amount of weight we can load on the terrace to the quality of water that we get in the city.

It will be interesting to develop a system from scratch that considers all these factors.

Yes, Drip Irrigation is a very good solution for saving water and for precision farming. It will definitely be a part of an urban farm.

Yes, we should definitely network on this. It is good to know that your roots are from rural Kerala. May I know which part of Kerala? Infact, my research facility is located in a village near Palakkad.

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