Building an e-commerce system supporting merchant marketing



The system supports merchants to manage shopping promotions of a large amount of inside store. There are two majority features published on two platforms:
• Android application helps customers to update newest promotion information. Besides, They are supported to receive code discount quickly with app and order product with code easily at home. Moreover, customer can see overview inside center eCommerce or merchant by maps and they know their location at the merchant.
• Merchant supports its inside stores and shops with management. Thus, each of them has to pay to mantain an account in order to access portal website, which includes features: posting promotions, doing statistics of users for proposing development strategies, managing activities of stores and customers.


Hi Thuy,

This is a considerable ideas, however I think this is not the new idea. Nowadays, many online shop have plugged some features like your idea into their app (such as foody, hot deal, etc.).

Anyway, you can also develop this app more features like: reviewing products, products comparison and finding the shop with the best price of these product, etc.

Good luck!


Thank you for your comment suggesting improvements and additions features. Thanks so much!!! ^^


Well we are also doing something similar to this .
I definitely want to get in touch with you.
It would of great help if we can discuss our ideas.