Business Idea & Co founder based in Mumbai only


I m based in Mumbai and on the look out for co founder with investment and viable business proposal. I will invest as well and can bring in up to Rs. 10 Lacs in a phased manner and will be actively involved.I do have some ideas but I am open to any viable proposal. Money doesn’t grow on trees so pl. don’t waste your time if you are not serious.


Hello @NavalRungta,
A lot of people in and around Mumbai would be interested if you could kindly share your idea with the startup folks here, so we can also learn and drive the community experience foward.

Ive learnt immensely about finance & investment related subjects of entrepreneurship from people who are much more experienced than me in the field of business .
Also thru the last couple of years i have learnt it is not thru software really but thru sound software strategy that your business idea gains traction.

Hoping to hear about your startup idea too…


Ron there is no dearth of people wanting to start a business but I did not get any viable and genuine proposal so far. Hope this forum will have positive result.


A lot of interested/serious people can contact you, if you share your idea freely, if you can’t stop talking about it, if you can’t hide the idea from anybody.

Share your idea itself here. :slight_smile:


I am open to any viable but Mumbai based proposal from serious ppl only.


Navalrungta, you will 1st have to share your experience, and interests, amount you are willing to invest etc before anyone can share any ideas with you.

You will have to basically 1st introduce yourself.


I am a person with technical background but not from IT field. I m having over 25 yrs. multitasking exp. at managerial levels in mfg., exports and marketing fields.


I want to start an export business. If you are interested we can talk about this further.



Interested but what is your exp. in this filed. Naval