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If you are planning for new business or planning for expansion, then it’s time to plan your business & write a business plan for the successful future of your Enterprise.

Starting and or expanding a business is a major decision that requires careful planning, including developing operational and growth strategies. For any new business, the first necessary step is to have a very clear business idea (at least in your mind). This is true whether doing large or small business; every company should start with a clear vision and roadmap for fulfilling that vision. And only by generating the business idea, it couldn’t make it profitable. So, you need to test your business idea according to the market. To test your business idea or to check the feasibility of the business, you have to write the master plan i.e. The Project report, which will help in testing the feasibility of the business idea and will help in converting it into the desired business, if the business idea is feasible.

For the Start-up, your enthusiasm shows whenever you excitedly explain the concept to anyone who will listen, getting it into reality won’t happen solely based on your passion or enthusiasm. One of the very first step after generating business idea is, to translate the idea to paper in the form of a business plan. Preparing a business plan/Project report can be a long, time-consuming process, but it is vital to start a business.

So what is a Business Plan or Project Report?

Business Plan or Project Report is the set of documents which allows you to summarize the whole business process in an understandable way. It is a record of the entire process to manage your business efficiently.” Project Report performs as a blueprint for a business, without which entrepreneur may get confused. Putting effort into crafting a precise, professional, and informative business plan/project report in your early start-up is essential to building a strong foundation for your company’s success. Keeping it up-to-date with current financial information, strategies and analysis, is crucial to keeping everyone on point as your business evolves. Many extant entrepreneurs wrongly assume that having a business plan is only necessary when they are seeking funds. In fact, many legal services, financial advisors and even business consultants would want to see your business plan. A business plan should have to be considered as a living document, meaning there is no traditional final draft. As your business needs change and grow, your business plan needs to be updated. Hence all in consideration, project report gives you the whole business process planned and tasks timeline for starting up a successful business venture. It also shows you the new challenges, opportunities. So project report becomes a priority for the business to survive and grow.

General Project report contains the detailed information about the business i.e.

  1. Market Research & Feasibility Study.
  2. Competitor Analysis.
  3. The total cost of the Project.
  4. Registration & Legal Details.
  5. Building / Land (Assets).
  6. Machinery and Equipment.
  7. Production and Operational Plan.
  8. Sales and Marketing Plan.
  9. Financial, Technical Analysis and Plan
  10. Business Projections over 5 Years.
  11. Safety Aspect – (Environmental, Hygiene & Sanitation, Employee).
  12. Power (Electricity) & Water.
  13. The Business Process / Manufacturing Process.
  14. Workforce / Manpower.

What are the core benefits of having a good project report?

You already know the obvious reasons, but there are so many other good reasons to have a business plan that many nascent entrepreneurs don’t know about. So, just for a change, let’s take a look at the less obvious reasons.

  1. Project Report serves a master plan for your business venture.
  2. Describes the road map for the business venture.
  3. Shows the business feasibility.
  4. Foresees requirements.
  5. Demonstrates profitability.
  6. Assists in decision making.
  7. Gives financial assistance (i.e. starts the business with careful operational and budgetary planning).
  8. Assists in getting government subsidies.
  9. Assists in getting the loan from the bank or financial institute
  10. Determines target market & ways to reach.
  11. Gives you deep and clear market insights.
  12. Determines the competition, loopholes and untapped market potential.
  13. Helps the business owner with the bird view of a business idea and business project objectively and with a critical eye.

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