Buyonkart: Online eCommerce portal in India


Started by internet enthusiastic Shipra Sing in 2015, Buyonkart is fast growing marketplace shopping portal in India and gaining it’s space slowly and steadily. It has become one of the favorite destination to buy homeopathic medicines, alternative medicine, home appliance, mobile phone and accessories online.
Portal Is not different from another, except being a vendor centric. It gives proper training and knowledge to vendors to explore the online route Of business while maintaining their current business model or brick and mortar shop. Organization is Self Reliant without and funding. However, the company is trying best, To attract investor, but looking current market scenario where no eCommerce company is making a decent profit, it is certainly not easy task and so focus is to improve services in best possible way with available resources.


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I was wondering if you’d like to offer your comments as an entrepreneur for an article I’m writing about sourcing supplies for Alibaba - it will be published on their website, and may be distributed via social channels. The article will feature quotes from entrepreneurs. All quotes used will be published with a description of your business, so it provides a chance to raise brand awareness.

I have included questions below, for convenience - many thanks for your help!

What are the key things you look for when sourcing supplies/raw materials in India?

What tips to do you have for finding hard to get supplies/ reliable suppliers in India?

What insights do you have on finding suppliers online?


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