Call centre System Guideline


If you are searching to setup your own call centre, I will guide how to setup a call centre…
If you are looking for the technology solution I will also guide …

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Post the guide here.


HI Can you help in setting as well as in getting business for call centre.


Setting up cc is depends on number of seats and line use for calling
Say. … 10 seater and domestic cc so PRI line required , cc server will cost 1 lac approximately with CRM software. 10 desktop @ 1 lac , pri line @ 11000 per Month approximately, lan and other @ 10000 ,

Now required caller agents , salary 6000 per month : 60k
1 manager.
1 accountant
Other staff

Most imp process for work … U contact telephone companies … Institutions… Any organization who r customers oriented for after sale support… Sales lead… Customers complaints or any

Last one server support is very imp so buy the system only from those who provide after sale support 24x7
VS informatics pvt ltd nagpur is call center system n support consultant you can contact … Search on google contact…
Company help u to setup ur business in ur budget