Can wordpress website used to represent your startup?


Hello Everyone,
I wanted to ask that free website is a good think represent about your startup and work.
If so please review my website


Hello Raman,
Yes, but a website is like a chocolate wrapper.
What matters is the chocolate on the the inside, and so no matter how good you are at CMS customization , the true test of Web Development skill begins when you have a thorough understanding of the underlying principles like HTML5,CSS3 and Javascript. Follow blogs of proven webmasters like Zeldman, WebDesignerDepot and smashingmagazine, the last link introducing you to gestalt principles of form and function .

One thing you must avoid at all costs, if you want to become an entrepreneur is HANDHOLDING.
Never post a question which you can easily get by searching on the net.
Startups Forum is an excellent site for Web Mentors, so you should continue to ask specific questions about web development and design which you are not able to find the answers for on your own , after a sufficient period of trying.


Thanks a lot.I really like these blogs.