Challenges Building a Right Team for your Startup


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@prateek1 @Ron Hiring the right team in the budget is surely a major problem faced by many start-up companies. A few days ago, I created a poll for Biggest Challenges Building a Startup in India.

62% Startup Forum Users voted for Building A Right Team as the big problem. What I think is we will need a plenty of users opinion on this. So we can try to solve this by building a tool or in any other ways.

Why is it so hard to achieve success when you are closer to it?
Hiring for Startup

Hi @prateek1 what are your thoughts on this ?

Do you think some kind of sourcing tool to drive cost effective software development will help solve your problem ?
Use Case is like this

  • Startup Founder submits a request for a (PHP coder / UX / Full Stack Developer, Business Consulting) for x number of months and y amount to work out of z location. Terms of Contract are either TBD (offline) or as per some standard template.
  • Developer/Team Member Profiles that match the requirement are highlighted, and they can either be solicited or even the Startup Founder can ask to be contacted.
  • Startup Founder evaluates the responses received , closes the requirement , and provides a feedback .

This is quite similar to the / craigslist model but there are nuances (like location, focus on certain verticals alone like web app, mobile app , product design etc) which can be exploited !

@Admin Many users are facing the same sourcing problem as this recent post, looks like a good feature to add on the service marketplace :smiley:

@Admin Personally i am of the opinion the problem is quite complex and is a tangled web of unbalanced commercial interests , a little lack of cohesion in the country’s startup ecosystem , and overall a lack of interest to solve each others problems which is what we know as general apathy .If you look at the poll though there are 1000s of forum users, only 8 have voted which constitutes the 62%.

Also many startups / MNCs do not encourage their employees to work part-time on other startups. I have personally experienced this as i had to sign IP contracts to that effect with my last employer.
Till now the real bright spot that helps solve such problems are incubators and co-working spaces which create a great , cost effective environment to solve the problem, but i think even they are just scratching the surface.


If you check about page, there are total 4.9K users but very few of them are active.

@Admin @Ron I think we can make a tool which solves this problem by adding more features like adding checkbox which asks users that if you are ready to work in startup environments where more work hours are involved… and other features. Personally I found that sites like naukri and others are useless I never found good people there.

Edit: Just voted in the poll.


Thats great.
@Admin , @Bhavin do you think we should have an offline discussion on this sometime ?
Other Entrepreneur’s should also join so we have a diverse set of skills :grinning:!

I know that @veena is in the recruitment space so her inputs would be valuable.

@admin It might be a good idea to create a poll for this website feature / startup idea to gauge feedback and see if others are interested in joining to solve this problem.


@Ron unfortunately no we are looking for some 1 who we believe should be a long term partner as being a tech product ( its a cloud product ) with web based mostly build in php we want some 1 who stuck with us as grow we are offering him/her esop for this

@Bhavin here is the biggest issue we have faced in both free and paid listing on angel , Linkdin etc.what we found out is that many applicants don’t even understand the term startup and treat it like any other job.

On extra note its a cloud based solution for service industry with front end and back end based on php and lots of 3rd party plugins. We are based from Okhla Industrial area , New Delhi


You have to find some one interested in your chosen domain for them to take up your offer seriously. But that term (cloud base solution for service industry) is quite generic. Who are your competitors if i may dig deeper :grinning:?
Have you tried in colleges and their entrepreneurship development cells (EDC’s) in and around Delhi for a technical co-founder ?
Please see this startups forum post on the travails of making assumptions of what you should expect and more importantly NOT EXPECT from a technical co-founder !

If possible try to get in touch with @kumarmanish.das who is a budding entrepreneur from Delhi, he might be able to give you some more leads.


What abt AMA’s (Live Chat) with the industry experts like on producthunt? Can we do this? @Admin


Lets, comments roll in this topic itself. If enough users posted in this topic we can think about it and can build a tool which will be helpful for users.

I think works similar to this? Isn’t it?

Yes, we can surely do this if enough users show interest in this. Why not you create a poll for this to check how many people are interested in AMA’s?


The biggest challenge is finding those people who can match up the frequency with you.
Similar thought process of every team member can overcome many issues.

Ya talent of team members is a different thing.


I think even if its similar ( i havent used personally, i prefer for its usability and letsintern for its student/intern base) there seems to be potential for such a feature as 30-40% of posts on startupsforum are looking for sourcing tech co-founders, technically hands on folks in scripting , mobile apps, ecommerce, business consulting, investment etc.
Considering there is a target audience and a steady requirement, it might makes sense to provide some automation for these requests. Of course, whether it is worth taking up considering effort / time is an open question, meaning that this might spin off as a separate portal itself if the requirement is too big(i.e this is not really a recruitment site, but a networking site right ?).

As @Bhavin suggested, maybe some checkbox like feature on an individuals profile is a simple approach where users can advertise their individual skills on offer , so that they can be directly contacted.
Also , not wishing to digress, but many dont update their location details on their profile which i think helps us to network better.


Yes @sahilgoel finding someone with the same frequency is quite challenging, despite the amount of talent out there amongst the tech crowd.
As entrepreneur’s we have to be very adjusting , but sometimes we have to draw the line.
The basic thing is you need to hire people you can trust, and are willing to work as hard as you.
I think skill can easily be acquired in todays age, if you are talented and have access to resources.


As of now what we will do is create a separate category for this kind of topics. Later we will decide what we can do to improve the category like adding location and more fields.


Partner / Job Board category is live.


From onwards topics posted in Partner / Job Board will not be shown on the homepage.


Just for the general understanding of users, so if one wants to check the Job Board one has to

  1. Select From Categories

  2. Use Filter and select Partner/Job Board

    3.check in the suggested topics section below each post right ?


@Ron Right! :slight_smile:


Biggest challenge is to keep your employees or team with you for long. Always make them a part of the decision making and appreciate them for the part that they are playing in making the startup a big success. As said by Varun Manian “Entrepreneurship is not only about making profits”


I feel A lot of young startups have not been strategising a lot when it comes to recruitment. There needs to be a right balance and a bunch or people that compliment each other. taking an example to make it clear, If you are a tech guy having a startup and are good at technology, I see a lot of these founders wanting to take higher roles and come out of tech to do tech management and have people do the tech work, thereby increasing the number of resources by 1, which might not look significant but cost wise it is significant. I also feel, Startups under use the internship market in the country as they need someone to work on their products over a continous periods. But if things can be divided in modules and can be worked upon by having these interns complete modules in a particular time, you could save a lot of money.

Balance out, if you are into designing, Do not higher a designer at an early stage but wait for a much longer period before you have a new guy some in and work for you. This would certainly stretch things for you a little, but It is your startup so why not. Don’t just go for people as soon as the need arises, look if someone already on can fill in the spaces or you can fill in the space. A little overworking is there in all firms for a lot of employees, but if you build enough trust amongst your people and do not stand to make them work on your whip, they will go for these stretched goals which will help you recruit less.

I would love to talk to startups or businesses on Resource management etc. Message me if anyone wishes to communicate.


Spot on . Interns are definitely the way to go .
The beauty of hiring people for Trainee Positions is you can offer them real roles like Project Management, Business Development , AGILE Development Experience, SCRUM Master , Requirements Analyst etc, which convinces them to stay longer in your company, even though u can pay very less initially.
If your company is successful, the documentation that these trainees generate alone can become good proprietary Course Material for your next batch of trainees / hires :smiley:
You can also position your startup as having 3-4 employees during your startup pitch phase which could otherwise cost you a cool 3-4 lakhs in salary/expenses for these higher level roles.

One mistake while hiring trainees / interns is handing them 10 questions on a piece of paper and assessing their skills based on that.
Like the tradition at Apple, Google, you must spend a few good hours or so talking to them in detail about their likes /dislikes/ asses their trustworthiness / social background to understand what they are looking out from their careers , so that you can fit them better at your startup.
Another important lesson you learn is when talking to Trainees, never say you are hiring them for three months, maintain good relationship with your hires and envisage a three year roadmap for them at your startup. That way your offer to them sounds PLAUSIBLE.


I created a video sometime back on recruitments on my channel, i guess it seems fit here. Do have a look

It focusses on a very imlortant thing one needs to always keep in mind.

Why is it so hard to achieve success when you are closer to it?