Checklist before you ready to take off your venture



Are you ready to take off your venture? but wait, have you referred this list of branding.

Analyze your target segment

Before the launch of any business , a better understanding of your target segment is a must which may include their interest in the brand as well as you , capacity , dislikes etc.It helps one build more that to at a faster pace.

Name your business

Come up with the most accurate , prompt , tempting , impressive yet descriptive name for your business which will speak out for your business plan its mission and vision and give a clear idea to the target segment.

Get your URL

Owning your own business URL is another important step which requires naming it in such a way that it is available and adding to that it ought to correlate with your business plan as well.

Define your brand identity

This is the most time-consuming procedure and requires utter determination and creativity to choose upon various fonts, colors and images henceforth work on the same to create elements which work for your business to create a personalized feeling for customers or the target segment .

Create your logo

A logo symbolizes your business so make sure it is simple yet descriptive as well so that it can somehow represent the vision as well. Avoid making it fancy.

Arrange your contacts

Proper arrangement and organizing of your contacts into buckets: influencer, customer, press contact, etc enables you to reach out and create an impact on the target segment as well. Socialize as much as possible and build up good relations in order to earn future benefits out of the same.

Marketing Strategy

Make sure to at least have a minimum required pace on stuff like Website , business cards, logins , social marketing , SEO etc in order to let people know about what you do .

Use Social Media

This is not a must go kind of phenomena but it can surely help you to create awareness and build up customer relationship, also hit the target segment to maximize your work that to at a faster pace.

Setup Google Analytics

This is a free resource from Google that just keeps getting more robust. You need to track the impact of what you do online.

Optimize through SEO

You need to prepare a set of keywords which will enable the customer or we can say any kind of target segment to locate your business name location, mission, vision, service/ products. The same set of keywords ought to be included on the website as well and the content there should revolve around the same words.This
optimizes your work online.

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