Co-Founder for Education start up: Development of Business & Resourcing


Hey there all,
I am starting a start up in education sector,
Which has a huge scope of work and business.
The idea is to create a brand , which ofcourse will take tym.
But basic idea i can gv…
wud be umm…a parent cmpany( that will be the title name) which will hv its tutorial centres acrss delhi and then to other cities.( only we covered all possible near by areas)
Usp : will have limited strength per batch, choice of teachr wil be solely of students, where one gets what he can undertand. A standarised facilities at tutorial centre acrss.
What all? It can be further worked upon.

Get in to touch with school for book
retailing, through sharing a small share with school for this. This itself possess a big revenue generator.

As and whn, our venture shows it is a viable… option of providing a better opportunity fr school and students who want coaching or tutions and also a standarised tutorial provider, at the same time a good n viable, profitable business option. I am sure we can attract many investors.
So i am looking for someone who can add to this cause and give all his or her effrts and time. No business starts easy, its a mad passion. I am working on it for…almost 3 months. Left my job fr dis.
It may see many failures before the first success. But that what separates a successful entrepreneur from rest.
Any one willing to join dis. Or whoever have same wish and dream to do something.
Lets come and do it, it may start slow… bit has huge scope as evrry family has a customer that the student.
Only genuinly genuine… to mail me.


Hi I am from Puri Odisha , I want to open a coaching centre which I want to make a brand in the competetive line of studies . I see you have experience so would you kindly share few advise and suggestions which would like to be greatly helpful to me . Because I only have a concept now there is still a long way to go to start it
Thank you