Co-Founder/Partner for Abdul Kalam Academy for Human Excellence


You are Welcome to Partner with me in a Business cum Noble initiative.

A first time ever a ​course that teaches the Most Important, Most Beneficial and Most Useful Life skills to become Unstoppable and Unbeatable in life.

A never before scientific proof of Infinite Intelligence, Creativity and Infinite Power within each of us.

Contains Most Important information on how to make our Mind our Best Friend to achieve anything in life.

First time ever a most convincing way to Happily adopt Good habits and easily give up Bad habits.

Increase Focus, Concentration, Intelligence, Will power and Determination.

Teach the Greatest Secret to Lasting Success, Wealth, Happiness and Prosperity.

Guaranteed to instill Moral and Ethical Values in students and transform them into people of Great Character.

Learn everything about our Greatest Enemy - EGO and about our Greatest Friend - WISDOM that would help students to live a most Happy and Fulfilling life.

​I request you to think over this Business cum Noble initiative. ​​All we need to get started is a medium sized​ room with a 20 people sitting capacity and a Smart T.V. If successful it can be incorporated into a successful franchisee business all over India.

If interested please message me or call me - 9080845760. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi, I am interested, Please let me know more about the course, Money back guarantee, tutors background and what are you are actually expecting from a partner. Kindly drop the mail with the details to Support■

Thank you