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Dear ALL,

Just by sitting on my desk and working whole day long, i keep thinking what type of business i should do, and just got this idea that i should open a coaching classes for students till 10th as there are very few classes in my locality.
But when i think that how and when, i go blank.
i mean i am a working guy who earns 15k a month. and if i think of doing it,

  1. what should be the initial amount i need to invest?
  2. how should i take first few steps i.e. along with my job how could i do this?
  3. what should be my first year plan



You can promote your class by word of mouth. Tell all your friends, family and people near you that you gonna take classes. You can even start taking classes at home at start so you will not need any investment. You can also promote your classes via fb ads online.


Hello Buddy

First thing that I would like to say is, choose the path on which you think you will be able to walk. What I mean is, you cannot make a career decision by sitting idle and thinking for an idea and you get an idea you think that ok I will be doing this. If you want to open a coaching institute without investment then yes you will have to be a great teacher. Once you make a face in the crowd and gain momentum of students flowing in then you can think to hire other teachers and then invest in taking a space etc.

Hope my reply is relevent to your question.



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Hello Nishant,

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