Cofounder for Yoga/Meditation Startup—Tiruvannamalai



Sapta-Samadhi Yoga Elevator Pitch

By Dev Atiharsha

Many people practice yoga and meditation, but almost all miss the highest benefit from their practice. Usually this is because of lack of knowledge of the complete Path. They tend to get caught up in the details of a specific method or teacher, and lose the all-important perspective of the entire journey to enlightenment.

Sapta-Samadhi Yoga is a framework or map revealing the complete spiritual Path, from the Fall to Liberation, putting the whole journey in perspective. We help all kinds of spiritual practitioners assess their progress, determine strengths and weaknesses, and build a personalized program for completion of the Path. Then we coach and support you to reach the completion stage of the Path: full Self-realization!

My spiritual journey began 60 years ago and recently reached completion. In the process, I:

  • Surveyed all major spiritual methods and important teachers.
  • Selected the best teachers of each major method.
  • Developed a powerful learning system to speed comprehension.
  • Studied, practiced and realized each of the major methods.
  • Developed Sapta-Samadhi Yoga to help others reach completion.

We are looking for partners who can help us define, package, build and roll out our offering:

  • Business and Technical Cofounders
  • Course Developers
  • Teacher Trainees
  • Growth Hacker
  • Marketers
  • Advocate
  • Investors
  • Students


Olivier From Canada , CEO of a modern art business and airliner.
i love yoga and sports , please let me know your idea then we can find out something.

To be honnest i wish to create a yoga institute in India …