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Are you in need of choosing a payment gateway for your startup in India? Choosing the ideal payment gateway for your startup website is a challenging task. Here is a complete list of payment processing companies.

One thing I would like to point out is there is no such thing like the best payment gateway. Each payment gateway has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to find out which payment gateway best suites according to your requirements.

I am not going to go into detail of what is payment gateway. If you don’t know what a payment gateway is and how it works, read about it on Wikipedia. Following are the payment gateway service providers in India. Please note that the order of these payment gateways is random.

Payment Gateways in India

1. 2Checkout -

Since 2000, 2Checkout allows companies to accept online and mobile payments from buyers worldwide, with localized payment options.

Features - merchant account, PCI compliance, international fraud prevention, and integration with more than 100 shopping carts.

2Checkout pricing - 3.9% + 45¢ every successful transaction.

2Checkout Setup Fees - No setup/monthly fees.

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2. CCavenue -

CCAvenue is South Asia’s largest payment gateway solution powering thousands of eMerchants with real time, multi-currency, multiple payment options online payment processing services.

Features - Maximum Payment Options, Multiple Currency, Multilingual Checkout Page, Mobile Payments, 1 Hour Activation

CCAvenue pricing - 1.99% + Rs. 3.00*
CCAvenue Setup Fees: Zero Setup Fees
Annual maintaince charges : Rs. 1200

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3. DirecPay -

DirecPay’ provides an integrated suite of multiple payment options to merchants in India for an easy & convenient option to grow their online business.

Features - Overnight integration, Accept International Credit Cards, Real time MIS, Dropped Transaction Tracking.
Pricing and setup fees info is not available.

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3. PayUbiz -

Earlier known as PayU, PayUbiz enables merchants to collect payments online with best in class features ad technology.

Features - Mobile Focused, One tap payment, Beautiful payment experience, Large Range of Payment Options, Analytics, Magic Retry

PayUbiz Pricing -

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5. EBS -

Since 2005, E-Billing Solutions (EBS) facilitates online purchases from a merchant’s website and helps them to collect payment from the end customers by net banking, credit and debit cards etc.

Features: Maximum Payment Options, Auto Retry, Smart Routing, Multiple Currency Processing, Foreign Card Acceptance

EBS Pricing -

Annual maintenance charges - Rs. 2400

EBS Setup Fees - Rs. 4,799 to Rs. 23,999

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6. PayUMoney -

PayU India is the flagship firm of Naspers group which provides state-of-the-art payment gateway solutions to online businesses through its cutting-edge and award-winning technology.

Features - Go Live within Minutes, Zero Upfront Cost, No Hidden Charges, Easy and Fast Integration

PayUMoney Pricing - 2%

PayUMoney Setup Fees - No Setup Fees

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7. CitrusPay -

Citrus offers the easiest way to start accepting payments online.

Features - Unsurpassed Transaction Success, Supports All Devices, Seamless Payments, Insightful Analytics & Reports

CitrusPay Pricing - 1.99% + Rs. 3 per transaction

Annual maintenance cost - Rs. 4900 1200 (Pricing Updated)

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8. Instamojo -

Collect payments on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or anywhere. Just share your Instamojo payment link and get done. It’s magical!

Features - Payments on WhatsApp, Payments via Email & SMS, Free Online Store, Simple Payment APIs

Instamojo Pricing - 1.9% every successful transaction and 5% on digital products

Setup Fees - No Setup Fees

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8. Airpay -

Airpay is a unique payment platform which assists global ecommerce & retail.

Features - Unified platform integrated with a best-in-class RMS system, Built-in loyalty management Engine, Dynamic Payment Gateway Switching

Airpay Pricing - Airpay provides two simple plans. One is 2.5% per transaction, and the other one is Rs. 2500 per quarter which has zero transaction fees.

Setup Fees - Zero

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9. Razorpay -

Razorpay is an online payment gateway which enables Indian startups to collect payments online through credit card, debit card, net banking and popular wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, etc.

Features - No Redirects, Powerful Dashboard, Multiple Payment Modes, International Transactions, Embeddable Checkout Form

Razorpay Pricing - 2% per successful transaction, International Cards 3%, Diners and Amex cards 3%, EMI 3%

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10. Zaakpay -

Online credit and debit card, internet banking processing gateway that is a breeze to set up.
Features - Over 52 Indian major banks supported for net banking, and Customized payment flows, Intuitive dashboard and APIs, Managed payment analytics
Pricing details are not available.

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11. Paytmwallet -

Features - Fastest Checkout, Instant Money Transfer, Instant Refunds & Cashback, Superior User Experience, Marketing Tools

Paytmwallet Pricing - Only 2.5% of every successful transaction

Paytmwallet Setup Fees - No Setup Fees

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I hope this list of payment gateways in India will help you in selecting the best payment gateway for your startup business. Selecting the right payment gateway is the essential thing to do. So, I would advise you to do proper research, take your time and then only select the right payment gateway for your website.

If you have any questions, need help please feel free to share it in comments.

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I can refer startups payment gateway.
You need to reply to me with your contact information and website and you will get demo and pricing to finalise the payment gateway same day.


Which payment gateway are you talking about?


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Hi nice post, quite comprehensive. Just a small edit, can you please update AMC for CitrusPay to Rs 1200/-


Thanks for the tip. Pricing updated.


Nice post, very useful to us, I purchased payment gateway through PayUmoney for my retail business, Excellent service and very secure method of payment.


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Everyone who is new to ecommerce will tell you that the most difficult task isn’t only to decide which platform is the best one, but also the different factors that you need to take into consideration when deciding which gateway is best for your specific needs.


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Hey, this is really good information. Thank you for the compilation.
Being a startup, this information was something which was not available when we were searching it for our startup i.e. Midnightcake

Moreover, since you have already compiled the major ones, what I feel is, if you can put some light on Airtel Money, which now a days is promoted heavily on TV with some higher rates of Interest also.

One more thing, can you also discuss here something about UPI which is direct transfer to Bank account without any Transaction Charges or Commission. As for startups involved in bigger volume and trading, 1.5% is also big number. For example, another startup Alfrodo which is into dryfruit and corporate gifting, has bigger turnover but with a less margin, so here if we consider 1.5% as transaction charges to be paid to the Gateway, it can eat up major Profit.

But overall, Thank you for such compiled information.


Useful article.

For format and clarity a table structure is highly advisable.
Some missing points are - domestic acceptance , international card acceptance.

  1. CCAvenue refused my mobile app for international buyers. Mobile app integration was easy.
  2. Integration of PayUMoney in Android app is big-pain. I couldn’t do it.

Currently using PayPal for international. For international buyers, I am yet to finalize Indian gateway.


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Thanks for your posts, its good one too, we are already using some mentioned payment gateway but recently we approached by Mobikwik, they want to had tieup with us for cake and flowers portal, so I think you can list Mobikwik too.


As we all know, eCommerce is increasing so far as most people are interested in buying the product online. You have to set up an eCommerce website or online store for online business, as there are various factors that are used to develop an eCommerce store. One of the important factors is payment gateway. There is various payment method that are having their own features, their own pros and cons. Some of the payment gateway that you can use for an eCommerce store, like CCavenue, DirecPay, PayUbiz, EBS, PayUMoney, CitrusPay, etc.
To know various payment method: Payment Method Guide