Consult Pad Assistance Program


We take pleasure to introduce Consult Pad – A Startup Catalyst which assists the upcoming startups. We are blessed with talent, just because of great creative minds working with us. Consult Pad provide each and every possible help needed in every vertical to make startups profitable. We focus on targeted, defensible business ideas with global potential. We help in scaling up companies from idea to maturity.

Consult Pad uses strong operational expertise to identify, assist and scale businesses through a hybrid approach of organic growth and M&A. We have a team that assists startups across different verticals of the business. Consult pad helps entrepreneur’s ideas reach their potential and bridge the otherwise wide and often un-crossable gap between reality and profitable business.

We will be assisting you on the following major areas:
-Value Addition
-Business Development
-Scaling Up
-Fund Raising
-Success Path
-Improvement Analysis