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I am Mallikarjuna. I have 10 years of experience in IT/Corporate Companies. I have observed/ research the problems facing all the IT corporate employees facing in the India. Its like employees staying faraway to corporate companies and its takes around 4 hours of travel time daily due to traffic conditions in the Bangalore/ Hyderabad conditions. Corporate still encourage there employees to stay near to them.

Employee couldn’t stay near to corporate because of cost of living is more.
We are created an Employee community as Corporate Near :, it resolves the problems of employees.

This web application helps the IT/Corporate employees while stay near to corporate companies and also helps the employees one sharing the knowledge, job change between corporate companies.

I am looking good ideas and as well as good tech partner for grow along with me. Once we are able to raise funds then sky is limit for us.

Mallikarjuna Besthc.
skype: mallikarjuna.besthc
Mobile: 855599eight7four8