Cost of Mobile App development in India


I need a simple mobile app for my product. This mobile app is a mgmt interface for my product. How much it will cost me to develop in India with a freelance or part-time developer in India.


Based on how many functionality …


Do you know any link where I can find free lance developer in India. I am not interested in service companies. I would like to deal with developers one on one.



My name is Arihant Jain and i am android developer who Specialise in developing business applications. I had notice that you are looking for Android developer, Please Let me know that if you are looking for android developer.

I’m attaching the link of my portfolio, PFA

I look forward to hear back from you and hope we can work together.



Hi there
This is Shahkar.I am an iPhone Application Developer and I have friends who do Android development.
Your job will be done with ease

Check my linked in profile for more information.