Coworking Office Space in Bangalore for Startups and Entrepreneurs



we are invertree shared offices, we provide best coworking office space in Bangalore located in HSR layout. we provide all the facilities like highspeed internet, meeting rooms, office cabins, indoor games. you can access our workspace 24/7. start your office with the eco-friendly workspace.



Before we get to my experience of co working space, let’s get to why what and how of the coworking space.

The What ?
coworking spaces in the most basic terms are huge office rented to offices, startups and other freelancers for working and establishing network. It boasts of all the facilities from free coffee ( ultra important) to mentorship experiences.

The Why ?
Now, it’s pretty complicated at first to imagine why people would come forward and work in a huge space with many cubicles or open offices. Moreover a coworking space would be multiple startups with very diverse work from financial services to web development operating under the same roof or maybe sometimes adjacent cubicles.

Despite all this, coworking spaces are amazing places to work in because of multiple reasons. One of the most important WHY it is so is the amalgamation of various cultures in the best way possible. Don’t ask me how it is the perfect mix, it just happens.

The How ?
In a coworking space, multiple companies operate with their own space allotted to them. There are various events hosted by the working space which helps in networking and blend in various cultures.

MY experience:
I had one of the best experience with a team of 16 dedicated people working in a coworking space bangalore . The space had all amenities including various types of the ulta important one :wink: .

The major benefactor however was the frequent hosting of events related to startups, business strategy, marketing etc. This helped me to grow both as an individual and as an entrepreneur.
I would definitely suggest that at least once in your lifetime one should work in a coworking space.