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Looking for online startup business??? Bitdeal is an leading bitcoin exchange script provider in India. Using our trading script you can easily launch your own cryptocurrency trading website within 48 hours. Want to discuss more about our product feel free to contact bby visiting through


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Manual trading business is more secure and saftety than automatic bicoin trading because while exchaning money via online it may be a chance for hackers to hack your transaction ,so better we can start our trading business with manual trading platform like


For what it’s worth I would recommend some light reading on bitcoin and the corresponding blockchain technology since you mentioned about the chance of hacking. I am not vouching for BitDeal, rather just providing inputs about bitcoin.

BitCoin is nearly impossible to hack due to decentralized nature of validating and confirming the transaction. It is the most solid crypocurrency ever created and is the future. It is not tied to a specific market rather tied to pure supply and demand. No one organization can control or manipulate BitCoin unline USD or INR or any other currency for that matter.

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how to boost up SMTP business using crypto currency ?


Recently more number of script service providers available at market place. So, It is not that much hard to get a secured script from market. Still you need more info about cryptocurrency trading exchange script and how it works then get a free demo to understand the full work flow of crypto exchange website script.