CTO at Cybella & IT Consultant - Looking for like-minded people



Hi Everyone,

It’s great to connect with you all here. I’m Amit, CTO @Cybella, a mobile app where beauty professionals showcase and promote their creativity and consumers are able to search and discover the right professional for their grooming needs. We are actually based in Charlotte, NC. We are in a very early prototype building stage.

I’m looking for

  1. Beauty & Wellness professional startups
  2. Customers interested in Building Websites & Mobile apps/MVP
  3. Creative ideas for building a wow product
  4. Startup online tools
  5. Business model advice & information
  6. Advice on Prototyping and Design Tools
  7. Advice on Brand Building
  8. Advice on Social Media Marketing
  9. Advice on Community Building
  10. Market research
  11. Early adopters & Test users (People/startups in a Beauty industry & customers)
  12. Advice on negotiations & sales

I can offer

  1. Advice on Community Building
  2. Advice on creative ideas
  3. Advice on design
  4. iOS & Android developers for your MVP

Personal profiles:

It’s great to connect with you all here.

Thank you,
Amit Jadav
Skype : ameetjadav


Welcome to the Startups Forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here. :blush:



This is Amandeep and I run a Printing Starup in Delhi. We help startups with their Printing & Advertising Requirements.

We can do brainstorming on creative ideas, designs of marketing collateral etc.

Also, I can help in spreading the word in the community and can suggest few partnerships in Beauty & Wellness Domain.

Lets connect.



Do connect with me on facebook.