CTO/Co-founder Required


Hi Guys,

About Myself:

I am Rajesh from Delhi. Having 9 years of experience this includes a 5-year experience of Startup. I am MBA by Qualification and Technical Account Manager by Profession. and also have experience of working with some big players in the e-commerce industry.

Idea Struggle:

Past 5 months I am working on an idea. have an idea & Vision and by experience already learn how to execute. attended many workshop and events and still attending during weekends. my idea is validated received appreciation but wherever I go to attend a meetup. everyone has his own idea. noone is interested in co-working and I lack the technical knowledge to built prototype. I know HTML & I can read/write codes and know what will be the output of coding. but my coding is not sufficient to make a proper website, especially when presenting it to mass-level to gain the confidence of end user and Investor. basically, lack the GUI.

The truth about my search:

Fact is I need a technical person as a co-founder residing near Delhi or NCR. So, we can meet to convert our idea into making a proper website. initially, we run our website with our self-funding. Later approach for investor funding.

About Idea:

My idea is related to e-commerce but here we are not selling the product we are selling greed. being a manager in the e-commerce industry find some missing link and we will bridge that link to connect the customer to the marketplace.

CTO/Co-founder Requirement:

experience really matter and has the zeal to work as an entrepreneur and has the knowledge to make a dynamic website, JS, product development, SEO knowledge and available during weekends not always.

Strong engineering: to apply practical knowledge to build site and product

Skill: To manage the team, process and technical strategy

Networking: Have the good image to bring more people. need a quality network.

Past 5 months I have not found this person even visited outside of Delhi. I will thankful to this forum. if found my co-founder.

Kindly contact me at rajesh.vvvermaâ– gmail.com