Customer Acquisition & School Management System Related Query



How can I get clients for School management system and Web development in a big competition?



I don’t know whether i am suggesting a proper solution for you or not.
But it may help you identify / reach your clients

Marketing has to be your key factor to generate / reach the leads
Especially in web designing, you have be appeared globally when the user searches.

To reach your audiance, you can choose the followings in web desining business

  • SEO (PPC - Pay Per Click)
  • SMO (FB Pages)
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Cold Calling

There are following factors involved before define your marketing strategies

  • Targeted Locations (Like within your city, all over India etc.)
  • Targeted Consumers (Like SME consumers, Corporate etc.,)
  • Investment Limitation
  • Marketing Pitches

Research over internet… Learn from Competitors… Evolve your business…


Hi @vjdprasad

I too am working on a automation project for schools and colleges.
The product is currently under development and i am looking out for schools / colleges that would like to use it.