Daily Car Wash Service


Hi i am looking for your feedback on a business idea me and my friend working on about daily car wash service
Do you think there is scope in this business considering the same service is provided by our local driver, dhobi as very low cost?


Yes off course your idea will work


Need to check the revenue model - it’s a low income business so need to have a concrete plan of action before jumping into it and investing.

  • What is your USP - special something that others don’t do: maybe quality of service, cloth used, soaps used, claying / waxing, etc
  • Revenue per unit time
  • Revenue per unit money spent (ROI)
  • What your timeline / growth pattern will need to be for break-even (and then further profitability)


Daily car wash is a huge business abroad and has started to slowly catch up in india.
Not everyone’s dhobi, driver, guard etc wash a car, and majority do not have a guard or a driver.
A good idea will be to setup car washes near major IT hubs. People will pay for quick car washes or leave their car for wash and drycleaning during office hours and collect.
You can also upsell services like drycleaning etc and cross sell car care products.
If you ask me, very lucrative business!


I believe that there is a big scope. With growing income and shortage of time. One always look out for the easy way out. Infact, if you are looking to offer facilities like car cleaning, shining and polishing. It may be a great boost to urban population as well as second tier cities where people are emotionally attached to their 4 wheelers. There are a lot of products available in market like automatic car washer, vacuum cleaner, high pressure pumps, chemicals and accessories etc.