Design Thinking for Start ups



The most crucial element of any Start up is to move with Design thinking. This is not a seminar session, where in you have 10 guys coming in from 10 different parts of the world and speak to participants in a Seminar… Get to think of it… what do you remember at the end of two days having paid such a huge amount? NIL.
Design thinking what we are doing is an advanced tool… which Comprises of TOK (Theory of Knowledge) TRIZ (innovative problem Solving methods) coupled with Lean six sigma advanced tools, Balanced score card and Advanced innovation steps and tools.
Why VC’s do not see a hypothesis in most of the start ups is simple because of no value found in the system. Today any organization be it a B School or a B tech company if they are not innovating they are doomed.

We can help any organization to scale up to 10x or even 20x thinking… we are only seeking people who are high in their willingness not in their ability.
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