DesignEvo Logo Maker to create logo effortless



DesignEvo is a web application that allows users to create logos for free, without difficulty, in a few minutes and without having any design knowledge.

The first step is to find an icon among the millions made available by the database. It is done by typing a keyword in the appropriate box and then dragging to logo designing canvas. Thanks to an extensive collection of icons and vector shapes, so you will surely find what you need to build your brand identity, no matter what your business is,

Each logo can be customized entirely to obtain a unique look, thanks to shapes, colors and lines that can be modified according to every need. Over 100 beautiful fonts are also available. It is only necessary to choose the desired font for the text of the logo and then customize it, adapting it perfectly to our brand. To make the text of the logo unique and distinct, you can freely customize the font color, size, alignment, spacing, and style.

The editor is pleasant, complete and at the same time simple to use: it allows you to adjust icons, shapes and texts to your liking. You can change colors, resize the canvas, change the background, manage the layers and automatically generate the layout.

DesignEvo is very user-friendly and no download or registration is required. It is possible to download the logo generated at the end of its creation.


Is it a free service?