Din Blocked



My Company has been registered since 5 years, I have made only 6 small transactions since 5 years. I have given company work to income tax lawyer, given him money to pay tax. But due to some error at first, he couldnot able to upload it. After that he told he filed it, i trusted him due to long family relationship. He was not giving me returns, i asked one of the CA friend to check it and came to know, he never filled ROC and Tax, due to which my and my partner din got blocked and unable to file ROC or tax.
My friend is not experienced, so he cannot able to provide solution. Can anyone help me, how can I unblock dins and make company running again.


Dear Gearon,

Since you have not filled return for last 5 years, most probably your company name would have been striked-off from MCA. If you can share the details of you company like Name, CIN no, I can check and let you know the status.

If the company name is striked-off, I will suggest to open a new company. I can help in incorporating a new company as well.



Probably your name is added to the list of disqualified directors as you have not filed your returns for last five years. There is solution to file your return and get your company running. For more details you can talk to Business Consultant at myefilings. com We will be happy to help.