Disrupting Translation Industry - Looking for Investment



Prudle Labs Private Limited (Bangalore based) is a young startup which got registered in March 2017. Catering to B2B and later it will have software/module/apps for B2C.

We have a MVP ready and beta product launched with few key customers.

Here are the highlights of our business -

  1. Removing barriers and middlemen from entire supply chain of translation.
  2. Removing barriers between content writers and translators by using technology.
  3. Empowering individuals to earn, communicate and translate in local language.
  4. Reducing cost for enterprise companies and increasing profit margins for translators.
  5. Helping startups and companies who have great product and want to take to global market.

We are looking at investment partner/company to take Prudle Labs to global level and disrupt the entire translation/localization industry.


I heard of a platform (Bornbrio) that collaborates investors,mentors and startup where you can request for funds and other business related queries.


I am interested with this idea. Can you email a brief presentation/ deck to shekarâ– anovacorporate.co.in to take this forward?
Best Wishes