Do I have to pay tax?




I’m planning to sell my property which is worth 23lakhs. I’m really concerned about the IT department’s harassment and insane amount of tax. I’m planning to invest that money into Heera Gold Investment.


Hi there, The first thing which you need to know is that the Income Tax department now a days is very professional and they do not harass anyone who pays the taxes which he is liable to pay. Only thing you should keep in your mind is to be very transparent in terms of the transaction which you are doing. Lots of our clients are having good turnover and income, but their files are never selected for scrutiny by Income Tax department. Income Tax department calls only those people who are trying to conceal their income. You can talk to Business Consultant at and get answer to your question.


Capital gains will be applicable to you. If you had the property longer than 3 yrs then please raise with your CA the duration of ownership as well.