Do not allow new members to share their startups?


Hi, I have a suggestion. I can see that most of the new members share their startup (Advertise their Startup) in Share your Startup Category, and do not take a time to participate in the forum. Can we allow only users with level one trust to submit their startup? So new members will contribute something to the forum.

I am creating a poll. Share your thoughts on this.

  • Do not allow new members to share their startup
  • This is pointless, Allow everybody

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Hi @Kumarika,
This is a novel suggestion , but my opinion is its better to approach first timers and ask them to share their ideas on the forum.
Most entrepreneur’s dont share their startup ideas, because they perceive that sharing an idea with people they have never met, somehow prevents them from maintaining a wrap on the idea until it reaches some form of execution.
What entrepreneur’s must understand is that ideas gain traction only from constructive feedback, and keeping ideas close to your chest actually prevents a community from forming around it.
However opinions do differ from person to person…